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Cosmetic Dermatology Specialist

Ohio Dermatology Center

Dermatology located in Gahanna, OH & New Albany, OH

Ohio Dermatology Center offers a variety of cosmetic dermatology services. From dermal fillers and neuromodulators like Botox® to body shaping and cellulite reduction, you can enhance and transform your face and body at two locations in Gahanna and New Albany, Ohio. Fellowship-trained dermatologist Larisa Ravitskiy, MD, and her talented team are here to help you love the way you look. Call the office nearest you or use online scheduling to book an appointment.

Cosmetic Dermatology Q & A

What is cosmetic dermatology for the face?

Cosmetic dermatology treatments can enhance your face without surgery. Ohio Dermatology Center offers a full menu of cosmetic dermatology treatments for the face, including these injectables:


Neuromodulator injectables slow down muscle movement in specific areas. This, in turn, minimizes lines and wrinkles around your eyes (crow’s feet), between your eyebrows, and in your forehead area. 

Ohio Dermatology Center offers the three leading neuromodulators: Botox, Dysport®, and Xeomin®. All neuromodulators affect muscles in basically the same way, but the products have minor differences. These include additives (or lack thereof), ideal injection areas, onset time, and diffusion (how far the product spreads from the injection point). 

Dr. Ravitskiy recommends the ideal neuromodulator for you. In general, neuromodulators take anywhere from a day to a week to start working. After that, they can smooth lines and wrinkles for up to four months. 


Dermal fillers, which include products in the Juvéderm®and Restylane® lines, increase the volume in select areas of your face. Popular treatment areas for fillers include the nasolabial folds (smile lines), cheeks, and lips. 

Fillers offer immediate results. Although you’ll have a bit of extra swelling for a few days, you can see a dramatic change right away. Just like neuromodulators, fillers wear off over time. Depending on the exact formula, your dermal fillers can last for 6-24 months. 

Other treatments

In addition to injectables, Ohio Dermatology Center offers many other facial treatments, including laser treatments, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials, and microneedling. 

Dr. Ravitskiy is a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon who can expertly perform skin reconstruction to give you excellent aesthetic results following skin cancer treatment, as well. 

What is cosmetic dermatology for the body?

Cosmetic dermatology services for the body can help you love your skin and body. Ohio Dermatology Center offers VelaShape®, a non-surgical body contouring and cellulite reduction treatment for trouble spots like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and flanks. 

VelaShape uses infrared and bipolar radiofrequency energy to gently heat deep tissues. This penetrates your unwanted fat cells, forcing them to release their contents and shrink. 

Mechanical tissue massage and suction stimulate new collagen growth, which firms and tightens the target areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

VelaShape also improves circulation and lymphatic drainage to further improve the appearance of the treatment areas. You can achieve excellent results with anywhere from 1-3 treatment sessions.

What cosmetic dermatology treatments reduce sweating?

Underarm Botox injections are an option for temporary reduction of underarm sweating. 

To permanently reduce embarrassing underarm sweating, Ohio Dermatology Center offers miraDry®. MiraDry targets the underarm sweat and odor glands to eliminate them in as little as an hour. 

You’ll receive a topical anesthetic to numb your armpits before treatment. Dr. Ravitskiy tailors the treatment by selecting a specific template for your armpit size and shape. 

Then, she administers the thermal energy treatment using the handheld miraDry device. The thermal energy can target and destroy sweat and odor glands in one appointment.

If you’re always worried about armpit stains, dampness, and odor, miraDry could be right for you. 

Learn more about the cosmetic dermatology services at Ohio Dermatology Center by calling the office or clicking the online scheduler.